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Hyper Localisation for a National Boiler Brand

Facing challenges with market share in the home repair sector, British Gas sought to improve customer experience and media efficiency.

OMD UK devised an innovative strategy that connected engineer availability to paid search activity in real-time, ensuring prompt service delivery and maximising media efficiency.

This approach not only exceeded targets but also expanded British Gas' utiliSation of data in digital campaigns. By addressing short-term media inefficiencies and potential long-term sales decline, OMD UK demonstrated strategic prowess and effectiveness in leveraging paid search for hyper-localised marketing.

Their exceptional results and collaborative approach with British Gas set a new standard for performance marketing excellence in the paid search category.

Judges Comments

“Really innovative campaign. It stands out for its successful collaboration across multiple teams, demonstrating a profound human element in its execution and planning.”

The Performance Marketing Awards 2024 was held in association with WeShop

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