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It's not itchy, we promise - Hello Earth Agency x BRANWYN

Tasked with driving further growth for the Merino Wool Innerwear brand, Hello Earth exceeded expectations with their innovative strategies and personal touch.

By implementing fresh approaches to campaign timing and structure, they maximised reach and engagement, resonating with their target audience effectively.

Hello Earth's use of anecdotal experience added a unique and relatable element to the campaign, enhancing its authenticity and appeal. Their exceptional results, surpassing set targets, demonstrate their expertise in paid social advertising and their ability to deliver tangible outcomes for their clients.

Hello Earth's success with BRANWYN exemplifies excellence in paid social campaign management, earning them well-deserved recognition in the performance marketing industry.

Judges Comments

“Outstanding results, exceeding all performance targets. Implementing best practices and introduction of advantage shopping+ campaigns has paid off. Well done!”

The Performance Marketing Awards 2024 was held in association with WeShop

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