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Thoughtmix and Ego – Sustainable growth for fast fashion

As Ego faced challenges of vouchercode reliance and underperforming upper to mid-funnel affiliates, Thoughtmix devised a comprehensive strategy for sustainable revenue growth.

Their execution involved a meticulous test-and-learn budget approach, optimising placements and removing problematic affiliates to enhance ROI. Segmenting campaigns and incentivising different affiliate types drove diversified revenue streams.

Thoughtmix's initiatives, including CPA rate trials, product feed optimisation, and strategic collaborations, resulted in remarkable outcomes. Revenue soared, with Ego achieving its first seven-figure revenue month through affiliates and a significant reduction in voucher affiliate reliance.

Thoughtmix's relationship-building efforts with influencers and major publications, coupled with a deeply integrated partnership with Ego, propelled the programme to Heatworld's top revenue brand in Q4. Their exceptional results and strategic approach exemplify excellence in managing affiliate programmes for SMEs.

Judges Comments

“Massive revenue pay-off from Thoughtmix’s hard work; great execution. Excellent campaign.”

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