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David Lloyd & DAC’s Targeted SEO Approach

Facing the challenge of converting a specific, affluent audience in a competitive market, DAC devised an innovative strategy focusing on gym amenities through their "gym with" approach. This targeted users based on their search habits, highlighting David Lloyd's unique offerings and driving local club engagement.

Rigorous research and SEO optimization led to significant improvements in organic search visibility, with positions 1-3 increasing from 60% to 74%, surpassing objectives. DAC's meticulous execution, including website enhancements and strategic presentations, ensured campaign success.

By reimagining organic search strategies and tailoring content to user preferences, DAC effectively generated leads for David Lloyd, showcasing their expertise and earning recognition for their outstanding performance marketing efforts.

Judges Comments

“A really balanced campaign, using technology (AI), people and a deep understanding of SEO strategy to deliver good results. Well done.”

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