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Silverbean & Waitrose: Results to FEEL GOOD about

Faced with the challenge of increasing profitability and ROAS amidst budget shifts, Silverbean devised a strategic 6-week trial to test programme incrementality and enhance overall performance.

Their approach focused on understanding consumer spending habits and loyalty while collaborating with leading publishers to offer rewards-based incentives. Through meticulous data analysis and trial iterations, Silverbean unlocked permanent changes to the affiliate programme, resulting in outstanding results.

The second half of the financial year witnessed a remarkable 26% revenue increase and a 33% rise in new customer acquisition, all while decreasing YoY spend by 53%, surpassing set objectives.

Over the entire year, the Waitrose programme achieved an impressive ROAS, more than doubling the previous year's performance. Silverbean's innovative strategies and exceptional results exemplify excellence in managed affiliate programmes at an enterprise level.

Judges Comments

“Loved this! A great testing methodology and a strategy that can be rolled out across other clients.”

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