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Bigging-up the start-ups with HSBC Kinetic

Orchestrated in collaboration with Grey for strategic direction and Kepler for media planning, this campaign stood out for its innovative approach and impactful execution.

At its core, the campaign celebrated the success and potential of small business owners, positioning them as the central protagonists in HSBC Kinetic's narrative. By showcasing real HSBC Kinetic customers across diverse sectors, the campaign effectively aligned them with HSBC UK while highlighting the bank's commitment to supporting entrepreneurial ventures.

In the face of economic challenges and intense competition, CHS's strategy prioritised targeted outreach to maximise visibility and resonance among key customer segments. The campaign not only surpassed its objectives but also succeeded in authentically portraying the stories of small business owners, empowering them to achieve their aspirations. This compelling blend of authenticity, strategic thinking, and creative execution propelled CHS to victory in this particular category.

Judges Comments

“Great example of the power of creative being harnessed into real time optimisation! Both the results and human quality of this campaign were very impressive.”

The Performance Marketing Awards 2024 was held in association with WeShop

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