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Finder: Defying the downturn: Achieving growth in tough market conditions

In a year marked by economic turbulence, acquiring new investing customers posed a formidable challenge for finance brands. The allure of potential gains clashed with the specter of potential losses, especially as competing savings products promised growth without the risk.

By early 2023, interest rates soared to 3.5%, while inflation surged to 8.8%, exacerbating the strain of the cost of living crisis across the UK. The ensuing rise in interest rates to 5.5% further compounded the challenge, making customer acquisition an even more daunting prospect for investing providers.

However, Finder and eToro rose to the occasion, leveraging high-quality content and adaptable strategies as their guiding principles. By placing informative content and agile methodologies at the forefront of their approach, they navigated the treacherous financial landscape with resilience, ultimately clinching the Best Finance Campaign award for their innovative and effective tactics.

Judges Comments

“A really innovative and creative campaign that led to some excellent results.”

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