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Harrods H beauty Carnival: From Online to Store, THG Society Get the Party Started using the Influencer Channel for Brand, Traffic, and Footfall, Powered by Partnerize

This innovative partnership bridged online and in-store experiences, redefining beauty retailing. Leveraging THG Society's influencer network and Partnerize's technology, they exceeded expectations, significantly amplifying event awareness and engagement.

By tapping into a database of 50,000 influencers and employing targeted strategies, THG Society delivered outstanding results. Over 100 influencers with a collective followership of 18M+ were mobilised, surpassing targets by 1325%. With 310 organic content pieces shared by 83 influencers, impressions soared to 3,429,900, a remarkable 242% increase.

The campaign achieved an impressive 2.9% feed engagement rate and an exceptional 28% average impression rate. Notably, two viral content pieces amassed over 2,500,000 views, showcasing the campaign's resounding success and earning THG Society and their partners acclaim for their unparalleled influencer marketing expertise.

Judges Comments

“Innovative campaign within the beauty category. Great results and exceeded targets.”

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