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FTF ON THE ROAD - Breaking Down the Barriers of Digital

In the face of tougher economic times, both Customer First Digital and Face the Future (FTF) recognised the importance of investing in long-term business growth.

With limited ability to connect with customers due to the absence of physical stores, they launched #FTFONTHEROAD, a unique full-funnel campaign. This initiative aimed to break down the barriers of digital by taking FTF directly to prospective and existing customers.

Through innovative strategies spanning awareness, consideration, and conversion stages, Customer First Digital demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey.

Their campaign not only drove brand engagement but also facilitated meaningful connections with customers, ultimately contributing to long-term business growth and solidifying their position as leaders in full-funnel marketing strategies.

Judges Comments

“BRILLIANT campaign! Very well-planned and executed and the results are impressive. Great work."

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