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/0:11 - Generative Reporting to Supercharge Affiliate Marketing

Revolutionising the affiliate marketing industry, offers unparalleled AI-driven insights, simplifying data into actionable intelligence. Their proprietary Real-Time Data Processing and Self-Learning Algorithms eliminate conventional data handling, streamlining clients' decision-making processes.

With Deep Learning and Predictive Analytics, empowers proactive marketing strategies, enhancing ROI and efficiency. By democratising sophisticated marketing intelligence, the technology has garnered widespread user adoption and satisfaction, cementing its position as a trailblazing leader in performance marketing.'s transformative approach not only provides a state-of-the-art platform but also shapes the future of the industry, enabling clients to dominate with unprecedented insights and strategic agility.

Affiliate marketers no longer have to trawl through endless sheets of confusing data, instead they can ‘talk’ with their data, freeing up lots of time to instead manage their programmes. This visionary company is paving the way towards an optimised version of affiliate marketing and our judges were floored by its creativity.

Judges Comments

“ thoroughly understands the challenges faced by affiliate marketers. Its solution is robust and it is revolutionising how companies can track, monitor, optimise and report on affiliate revenue. An excellent piece of tech.”

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The Best Use of AI in Performance Marketing award was sponsored by Rakuten Advertising

The Performance Marketing Awards 2024 was held in association with WeShop

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