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Human Led, Tech Powered - The Golden Ratio

In collaboration with PwC and LinkedIn, PHD UK showcased a full-funnel strategy that harmoniously combined human insight and advanced technology.

The campaign was launched to tackle the increasing complexity of business challenges in the digital era. It aimed to showcase PwC's capability in blending human ingenuity with advanced technology to build trust and deliver sustained, impactful outcomes.

The campaign's bespoke content, featuring debate shows with industry experts, effectively highlighted PwC's strengths in addressing business challenges. Utilising a multi-channel approach, including paid social and digital display, the campaign achieved remarkable results: 50% ad recall, a 26% lift in brand consideration, and engagement metrics surpassing targets by twofold.

PHD UK's strategic execution and creative partnership with LinkedIn demonstrated exceptional brand engagement, earning them this prestigious accolade.

Judges Comments

“A smart campaign using a tougher brand to promote a new opportunity. Great thinking and new ideas promoted.”

Deep Dive / Q&A

The Best Brand Engagement Campaign award sponsored by Cardlytics

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