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In the face of Google's push towards automation and AI in advertising, Jack.tm and OnTheBeach took on the challenge, leveraging the core fundamentals of Google Ads for peak performance. They navigated the complexities of Google's evolving algorithms, ensuring control and efficiency in their campaigns.

With the introduction of Performance Max, the landscape became even more demanding, requiring a delicate balance between human expertise and automated solutions. This campaign exemplifies how strategic deployment of AI, coupled with meticulous manual intervention, can yield exceptional results.

By maintaining a firm grasp on their advertising strategies and programming AI to align with their objectives, Jack.tm and OnTheBeach maximized profits while minimizing wastage. Their success underscores the importance of retaining control and visibility in an increasingly automated advertising ecosystem.

Judges Comments

“Very smart and innovative. The creation of a Python script/tool was great to see that you can bypass some of plaform features to drive strong results.”

Deep Dive / Q&A

The Performance Marketing Awards 2024 was held in association with WeShop

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