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Silverbean: Going for Gold

At Silverbean, the mission is to be indispensable to clients, prompting the launch of 'Gold Rush' in 2023 to drive gold performance metrics. This internal project aimed to incrementally raise benchmarks and ensure a laser focus on excellence.

The agency employs various metrics to gauge performance and client sentiment, always striving for gold standards. Recognised for a positive work culture, Silverbean reinforced a high-performance ethos, making it the default focus at all levels.

A strong internal framework was established, categorising any client below Gold as 'underperforming'. This mindset shift deemed anything less than gold as unacceptable. Launched in July 2023 for a six-month trial, 'Gold Rush' is now embedded in the agency's culture, ensuring continuous improvement and delivering enhanced client experience and performance.

Judges Comments

“Over 90% retention is incredible! Wow! And still bringing on new business is fantastic. Fantastic dedication to their people. Brilliant results.”

The Best Affiliate & Partnership Marketing Agency award was sponsored by Veve by affinity.

The Performance Marketing Awards 2024 was held in association with WeShop

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