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Rewarding Relationships: TopCashback's Strategic Success

TopCashback, the UK's leading cashback platform, secured the Publisher of the Year award by upholding its core values of fairness and excellence. With 14 million users and over 6,000 advertisers, their commitment to integrity remained unwavering amidst external challenges.

Emphasising user savings and effective marketing, TopCashback maintained its position as a vital industry player. Throughout growth, they prioritised fair play in all member and partner interactions, ensuring mutual benefit and trust.

In a year marked by uncertainty, they focused on continuous improvement and client satisfaction, amplifying their influence in addressing industry-wide issues. TopCashback's strategic success lies in its unwavering dedication to rewarding relationships and innovative solutions, reaffirming its position as a leader in performance marketing.

Judges Comments

“TopCashback is very forward thinking in the industry (e.g. getting ahead of cookie deprecation). Good to see them not only driving forward their own platform, but also the industry. Nicely done!”

Deep Dive / Q&A

The Publisher of the Year award was sponsored by CJ

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