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Savoring Success on a Budget: How Burlap & Barrel Spiced Up the Headlines

Burlap & Barrel partnered with eAccountable to elevate sales and brand visibility via the affiliate channel, without paid placements. With a modest budget, they aimed to amplify their presence in content commerce. Beginning in February 2023, eAccountable targeted a substantial growth trajectory from 8% to 15% of total e-commerce revenue.

By strategically aligning with renowned publishers like Food & Wine and Serious Eats, eAccountable orchestrated VIP commissions for like-minded partners and diversified outreach to include gift guides and lifestyle platforms. They nurtured robust ties with content commerce editors, pitching seasonal spices and furnishing product samples to showcase the brand's quality firsthand.

The collaborative efforts bore fruit by year-end 2023, witnessing a remarkable 53% surge in affiliate revenue, climbing from $429K to $657K. Content commerce played a pivotal role, contributing approximately 45% to the affiliate programme's success, amounting to ~$296,000 in sales.

Judges Comments

“I love how the brand's mission was kept in mind throughout this campaign and how the team flexed the messaging to best fit each publication. This extra touch goes a very long way.”

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