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LT Partners (by New Engen) Sets a New (Universal) Standard

LT Partners, in collaboration with Universal Standard, crafted a groundbreaking influencer marketing campaign, setting a new standard in the industry. With the challenge of maximising engagement without a fixed budget, their objective was to recruit 100 influencers for Universal Standard's Mystery Box sale on Instagram. 

Through a unique offering of product incentives and commission structures, they encouraged influencers to participate, ensuring high-quality content creation and audience engagement. Their innovative strategy focused on low-lift deliverables, creatively differentiating their approach from traditional influencer engagements. 

The results exceeded expectations, with Universal Standard receiving compelling user-generated content and achieving a significant revenue boost from the campaign. What began as a one-time promotion evolved into a successful, ongoing affiliate, influencer, and ambassador programme, showcasing the enduring impact of strategic partnership and creative thinking in influencer marketing.

Judges Comments

“This campaign ingeniously leveraged influencer partnerships to highlight the brand's inclusivity and versatility by engaging diverse creators from various niches.”

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