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Gen3 Marketing & The BBQGuys: Igniting Growth through Performance PR

BBQGuys partnered with Gen3 Marketing's Dedicated Performance PR (PPR) team in a groundbreaking initiative to transform their marketing funnel approach. Strategically launched during pivotal occasions such as Father's Day and July 4th, the campaign aimed to amplify traffic, orders, revenue, and ROAS, in line with BBQGuys' vision to lead the outdoor kitchen market.

The Gen3 Marketing PPR team's focused strategies disrupted the mass media landscape, with dedicated exploration of dormant partnerships and innovative top-of-funnel techniques. Through meticulous planning and execution, they successfully propelled BBQGuys' brand forward amidst intense competition, achieving substantial growth during peak business periods.

This award-winning collaboration highlights the power of strategic partnership and innovative thinking in reshaping marketing strategies. BBQGuys and Gen3 Marketing's joint effort not only achieved remarkable results but also set a new standard for performance PR campaigns in the industry.

Judges Comments

“A well-executed campaign that involved thinking fully about how to execute results and then delivering successfully! I loved how they diversified their approach to partner outreach.”

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