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Sephora and Rakuten Advertising deliver new strategies to dramatically boost omni sales

Over two decades, the collaboration between Sephora and Rakuten Advertising has consistently propelled Sephora to the forefront of the beauty industry. In 2023, they embarked on a mission to solidify their pivotal role in Sephora's market strategy by addressing key barriers and harnessing growth opportunities.

Through meticulous analysis and strategic alignment with Sephora's leadership, they devised innovative solutions to enhance in-store and digital sales. Implementing dynamic commissioning and strategic testing, they significantly boosted new customer remarketing, omnichannel growth via in-store pickup and same-day delivery, and brick-and-mortar conversion rates through shopper cashback/rewards.

Their relentless pursuit of substantial improvements resulted in remarkable 3-5 times higher than anticipated outcomes, cementing the affiliate channel's status as a cornerstone of Sephora's 2024 market strategy. This exceptional performance rightfully earned them the top spot in this category and sets an example for true collaboration.

Judges Comments

“The goals were big but the results more impressive! Really great entry and example of pushing the industry forward internal at the brand level.”

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