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Rollin' in ROI: Tombras and RealTruck's Affiliate Adventure!

RealTruck and Tombras’ groundbreaking campaign revolutionised its affiliate approach amid daunting industry headwinds. Facing challenges like fuel price spikes and semiconductor shortages, they devised a resilient strategy that paid dividends.

Tombras, seizing the reins in 2022, recognised the necessity for diversified partnerships, particularly with content creators and publishers. Their strategic initiative in 2022 set the stage for an explosive expansion in 2023. By onboarding numerous new partners, they propelled e-commerce revenue by $10 million year-over-year, with a remarkable $4 million genuinely attributed to the affiliate channel through meticulous multi-touch attribution (MTA) analysis.

This collaborative journey reshaped RealTruck's affiliate landscape, forging impactful connections and establishing the affiliate channel as a beacon of success during turbulent times. Through innovation and strategic collaborations, Tombras and RealTruck elevated affiliate marketing to new heights, earning well-deserved recognition for their enterprise-level excellence.

Judges Comments

“A clear winner to me! I loved the full-funnel approach and how they married different sources of data together, all creatively executed!”

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