LinkedIn is undergoing a significant algorithm change, pivoting away from the term "creator" towards spotlighting expertise and professionalism. 

In a recent interview with Entrepreneur, LinkedIn's Editor-in-Chief and VP, Daniel Roth, and Senior Director of Engineering, Tim Jurka, unveiled this transformative shift, highlighting the platform's commitment to recognising and amplifying the insights shared by professionals across various fields.

According to Roth and Jurka, the focal point of this algorithm change is to ensure that valuable content doesn't simply fade away in the rapid flow of social media feeds. Jurka emphasised the importance of collecting and surfacing professional knowledge when it's most relevant to users. This move is part of a broader strategy to encourage meaningful interactions and discussions rather than merely chasing virality.

One of the key developments accompanying this shift is the introduction of "suggested posts." Unlike traditional feeds that prioritise timeliness, suggested posts aim to match users with relevant content based on their interests, regardless of when it was originally shared. 

This means that high-quality posts can potentially reach a targeted audience for months or even years, fostering a continuous exchange of expertise and insights.

Redefining LinkedIn creators

For those who identify as creators on LinkedIn, this algorithm change signifies a shift towards a more nuanced understanding of professional identity. 

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