BeReal, the social media platform that champions authenticity, is set to take a bold step towards enhancing user engagement by introducing an influencer feature targeted at brands and celebrities. 

This move, effective from February 6, allows brands and celebrities to sign up as "RealBrands" or "RealPeople," providing fans with an intimate look into their daily lives.

The app relies on true spontaneity, encouraging users to be their most authentic selves by prompting them to share real-life moments with their friends and followers. Launched in December 2019, it was a refreshing take for a social media platform, and audiences seemed to respond to it well, with it currently boasting 23 million daily active users (DAUs) according to TechCrunch.

Users receive daily push notifications prompting them to share unfiltered moments within a two-minute timeframe. Unlike its more polished counterparts, BeReal aims to capture genuine, unscripted glimpses into users' lives.

The recent introduction of the RealBrand and RealPeople features might appear surprising given BeReal's initial focus on personal connections. The company acknowledges this shift in a blog post, stating, "We believe that by showcasing notable people and brands as individuals with both mundane and fascinating moments, we can counteract the negativity often associated with modern social platforms."

Can this BeReal?

BeReal's user base has experienced a modest increase from the reported 20 million DAUs in August. But as growth decelerates, the platform faces the challenge of retaining users, and it hasn’t always been plain sailing for BeReal.

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