Last week, Hello Partner hosted an unmissable LinkedIn Live webinar that proved to be a goldmine of insights for marketers, influencers, and agencies eager to navigate and stay ahead of the curve in the evolving landscape of influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is maturing, and audiences are starting to show signs of ad fatigue. Our session explored how you can differentiate your influencer campaigns from your competition in 2024.

With speakers ranging from influencers to influencer agencies, and from market research professionals to talent directors, the session explored how you should approach your influencer campaigns differently next year. 

Providing a holistic view of the industry; our speakers shared expert advice on how to leverage macro and micro-influencers effectively, measure your campaigns with brand lift, and the rising use of consumer insights in defining campaign briefs that resonate with audiences.

You can watch the full webinar here, where you can gain those all-important influencer insights in their entirety. However, if you’re just here for the highlights, we've gathered some of the key takeaways for you below.

Diverse perspectives, invaluable takeaways

Led by Jack Shute, Hello Partner's influencer marketing and Creator Economy specialist Journalist and Host, the webinar featured an illustrious panel of industry leaders:

  • Ben Ebbrell - Founder & Chef, SORTEDfood: Ebbrell provided a creator's perspective, contemplating the future of influencer marketing. He questioned whether longer-term relationships and strategic product placements would become the norm in 2024.

  • Georgette Olaiya - Talent Director, The Corner: Olaiya, drawing on her seasoned experience, delved into the nuances of crafting the perfect influencer brief. What makes an ideal brand collaboration, and how much direction should brands provide? These were among the questions she explored.

  • Holly Eddleston - Head of Influencer Marketing, BIG little London: Eddleston, at the forefront of influencer trends, shared insights on deploying macro and micro-influencers effectively to maximise impact and engagement.

  • Yalin Solmaz - Co-Founder, Multytude: Solmaz explored the rising use of consumer insights in shaping influencer campaigns. The session highlighted how qualitative audience insights can be the secret sauce for creating resonant content.

Key takeaways

From strategic considerations and crafting compelling briefs to the rising role of consumer insights, attendees gained actionable insights to elevate their influencer campaigns.

As the industry continues to evolve, our speakers reflected on this and provided a 360-degree view of the influencer marketing landscape in 2024. These takeaways will undoubtedly shape the way forward for marketers and influencers alike. 

One attendee, Hatice Ugurel, Co-Founder at Multytude, shared her favourite moments and key insights in a LinkedIn post after the session, with the top takeaway being the utilisation of a dual influencer strategy.

“Utilise both micro and macro influencers, and build a funnel like all other marketing activities with your influencer partners.”

The panel unanimously advocated for a dual influencer strategy, combining the rapid brand awareness of macro influencers with the targeted impact of micro-influencers. Building a funnel-like approach, they suggested leading from brand awareness to purchases.

User-generated content (UGC) also took the spotlight, with Eddleston and Solmaz emphasising its value for higher digital ad ROIs. Additionally, the two panellists also deemed specialists as more effective than generalists, sharing that they “Drive ten times more engagement.”

Deepening the understanding between brands and influencers emerged as a crucial theme throughout the webinar. The panel recommended immersive sessions to foster authentic alignment, suggesting that early investments in relationships pay off in the long run. Olaiya shared her thoughts on the value of collaborative brand-influencer relationships, predicting that this will be something more common heading into the new year.

The discussion went on to underscore the importance of using insights from influencers and audience participation to shape personalised marketing strategies. Understanding both the influencers and their audience was deemed essential, as Ebbrell humorously explained below.

"When your GP asks how much you drink, you lie! Whereas if your friend asks the same question, you're honest. Focus groups and surveys versus an influencer’s audience, which one do you think tells you the truth about a brand?"

This analogy underscored the authenticity and truthfulness associated with influencer insights compared to traditional methods like focus groups and surveys. However, the real value of influencers, the panel argued, lies in a seamless integration into the broader marketing strategy. The discussion touched on the adaptation of AI tools for content enhancement while maintaining a human-centric approach.

If you enjoyed this webinar, stay tuned for more game-changing discussions and LinkedIn Live sessions from Hello Partner in 2024!

Click on the image below to watch the full webinar.

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