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Rakuten Advertising & PerformID Pioneer A-CLO & Take On Australia

Within the tricky Australian market, Rakuten Advertising and PerformID (MyAmexShop.com.au) pioneered a transformative partnership. 

Faced with high costs, misaligned seasons, and a general disinterest in luxury products, the duo devised a groundbreaking solution: Affiliate-led Card-Linked Offers (A-CLO™) technology. This innovative approach, a PerformID trademark, revolutionised the market. Through hyper-targeting and psychological loyalty tactics, they engaged affluent shoppers, provided instant Amex cashback, and upheld an average order value (AOV) above A$1,000 for global luxury brands.

The results spoke volumes. Within the first 14 weeks, they surpassed their yearly partnership target, reshaping perceptions of the Australian market. Luxury brands, in particular, experienced a remarkable 91% AOV increase above the Australian market benchmark. 

This creative collaboration between Rakuten and PerformID not only addressed industry challenges but exceeded expectations, making it the epitome of a creative, well-executed partnership.

Judges Comments

“A shining use of the affiliate industry's customer knowledge and partnerships to improve upon existing technologies. A really great campaign.”

Deep Dive / Q&A

Hello Partner: How does it feel to pick up this award tonight?
Richard Vuong, Rakuten Advertising:
Super special. Very special.
Louis Spencer, Rakuten Advertising: Feeling blessed.

HP: What makes an effective creative partnership?
Zinedine Makhloufi
, Rakuten Advertising: Generate a lot of ideas and brainstorm about everything. This is what we have with Rakuten Advertising. We have the opportunity to think about everything.

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