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RevLifter: The Intelligent Offer Platform

Since 2017, RevLifter has established itself as an invaluable tech partner for industry giants like ASOS, Boohoo, Sam’s Club, and New Balance. Their innovation lies in their pioneering of intelligent e-commerce deals, replacing generic one-size-fits-all promotions with personalised offers.

In 2023, RevLifter took this mission to a new level with the introduction of its self-service platform, which provides a comprehensive toolkit for crafting, executing, and fine-tuning personalised offers. This advancement empowers retail, agency, and affiliate manager partners with the insights and controls needed to harness personalised offers for sustainable profitability. This expansion offers greater flexibility in partnership structures, with both fully managed and self-service options, and has brought personalised offers to an even broader range of retailers in various markets.

RevLifter's platform arrives at a critical juncture when dwindling margins and escalating costs have rendered widespread discounting unsustainable. By targeting individuals based on real-time journey signals, RevLifter's platform addresses the most pressing eCommerce challenges facing brands today.

Judges Comments

“Revlifter has paved the way for brands to adopt an incredibly personalised and ROI-driven strategy tailored to their unique customer segments and audiences.”

Deep Dive / Q&A

Hello Partner: Tell the world who you are and what you just won!
Simon Bird, RevLifter:
RevLifter is all about personalising deals and offers in real-time on retailer websites. We are super excited!

HP: How does it feel to be taking an award home in this particular category?
Simon Bird:
Honestly, I'm delighted! I mean we've won this award but we've also won other awards tonight as well, so I feel super happy, super proud of our clients and our team, and proud to play such a big role in this industry!

HP: How does it feel to have awards like this for the industry and for you to be a part of it?
Simon Bird:
I think it's super important to recognise achievement and to create competition in the industry. It's important because you take these awards back to the team and back to your clients, and it makes you better, it makes you want to do more. I think without competition, the industry doesn't work as well.

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