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Beauty for a Cause: How Lancôme generated $1M in one day with Children's Foundation

GrowthOps, Lancôme, and Cashrewards’ ‘Beauty for a Cause’ campaign was a remarkable initiative that not only achieved record-breaking sales, amassing over $1 million in revenue in a single day but also raised approximately $5,000 in donations for the Starlight Children's Foundation. 

The primary challenge was to drive significant revenue growth while maintaining Lancôme's esteemed high-end brand reputation. To address this, the campaign incorporated exclusive access to Lancôme's site promotions, limited-time cashback offers, and the innovative Cashrewards x Starlight buy-to-donate initiative.

The results were nothing short of remarkable. The campaign yielded $1.15 million in revenue from 2.7K orders, a staggering 73 times higher than Lancôme's daily average. This marked Lancôme's most successful day, outperforming the revenue generated during the previous year's four-day Black Friday campaign. This success highlights the power of affiliate relationships in driving impressive financial outcomes while supporting meaningful social causes.

Judges Comments

“The results speak for themselves here. It’s amazing to see a campaign that both helps achieve the company's business and revenue objectives and incorporates corporate social responsibility!

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