Picture this: You’ve just stepped off the hustle and bustle of the London streets into the grand expo hall at Old Billingsgate for a day of influencer marketing excellence at IMS Europe 2023. You make new connections, catch up with acquaintances, and pop along to many inspiring sessions. You learn things that you never knew before, absorb key information from industry leaders, and take away plenty of lessons and actionable ideas to turbo-charge your work across the year to come.

Sounds exciting, but what will these sessions actually be about?

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of the first wave of sessions for IMS Europe 2023. This year’s content will be bigger and better than ever before, a curated selection of the all-important, future-focused areas of interest in influencer marketing. It’s crafted to equip anyone in the influencer or creator marketing space with the vital tools for a year of fruitful partnerships, greater engagement, and flourishing campaigns.

Our agenda is designed to be inclusive across verticals, enabling participants from any sector to gain essential knowledge and insights that will aid them in accomplishing their objectives.

What will you learn?

Dive into the first wave to explore the many topics we’ll be covering – from deepfakes to podcasts to Gen Alpha to brand blunders. Check back frequently for new sessions as we add them. You can also explore a list of speakers at the event. There’s lots for you to see, but check out a taste of the full offering with our three picks below:

Harnessing Micro-Communities for Impactful Engagement

You might have noticed the recent rise in podcast content, particularly the video clips shared across socials. Well, advertisers have noticed too, and the channel is now a booming and lucrative space for creators.

This session will explore the captivating evolution of podcasting, as well as the successes of content creators with vibrant micro-communities, amassing passionate followers and rocketing levels of engagement.

Delve into micro-communities' power in unexpected spaces for profound audience connections. Learn to harness social videos for podcast growth and craft thriving communities that redefine digital impact.

Playing With Fire: The Threats of Deepfake Technology

While opinions on AI's impact on influencer marketing vary, certain technologies like deepfakes raise concerns due to their potential misuse. Deepfakes, convincingly replacing faces using generative methods, have been linked to harmful uses such as fake explicit content and fraud.

Still, some recognise their potential for effortless brand campaigns with influencers and celebrities. This session delves into balancing the risks and rewards of this tech, exploring regulatory measures in place, detection tools for platforms, and instances of successful deepfake campaigns. Uncover strategies to navigate the challenges and leverage deepfakes' positive possibilities, all in a transformative influencer landscape.

The Power of Authenticity: Nurturing Genuine Connections in Influencer Marketing

Consumer trust in influencers has waned by nearly 90%, per EnTribe research. Brands must adjust strategies to account for this skepticism. Exploring reasons behind the decline and its impact, we find that people distrust brands but trust individuals.

Brands can tap into this by forming genuine bonds with audiences. Authenticity's significance is discussed, especially via influencer partnerships. Learn to create real connections through micro/nano influencers and discover how non-endemic influencers can align with your brand.

Don’t miss out on Early Bird ticket sales!

For those looking to gain a competitive edge, seizing an early bird pass is the savvy move. Act before 13th September to snag the best possible offer and ensure your place. We warmly welcome brands to our event with a complimentary pass.

Intrigued? For a glimpse into the diverse range of sessions we've curated, explore the current agenda.

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