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THE FIFTH showcases their exceptional capabilities and commitment to doing things differently. The Client Services team, in particular, embodies this ethos by consistently challenging themselves, clients, and processes to deliver efficient, effective, and creative solutions. They prioritise transparency, building service structures that align with client needs, and identifying white spaces for success.

The team's solutions-focused mindset and seamless collaboration with all departments, internally and externally, create exceptional client experiences. Their passion for high-quality, award-winning work drives them to push boundaries and deliver the best campaigns. The team's values, confidence, and inclusive environment allow individuals to be themselves and contribute their voices.

Testimonials from team members emphasise the genuine support, innovation, knowledge, and tenacity that define THE FIFTH's Client Services team. Their willingness, passion, and ability to create thoughtful and successful campaigns demonstrate the team's exceptional skills and the healthy environment they foster. This award recognises their outstanding contributions as the Best Team in Influencer Marketing.

Judges Comments

“A great and very enthusiastic agency. To do it from the ground up in the last five years has been incredible. A true success story!”

Deep Dive

Hello Partner: How are you feeling about being awarded team of the year?
Jessica Myers, THE FIFTH: Absolutely ecstatic, I think we just love working together, we do some great work and we make it loads of fun along the way.

HP: What is the secret to being the best team?
Rebecca Reeve-Kendall, THE FIFTH: What is the secret? Oh my gosh! Collaboration and such a strong culture. I think this is evidence of that. We all come together, and we couldn't have done this without each other so I'm just so proud of everyone!

Romell Reddock, THE FIFTH: There's one word I always say, and that is absolutely sensational.

Charlie Ross, THE FIFTH: Also, we are lucky! We're lucky to work with the best people and we have the best people around us.


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