It’s Groundhog Day here in the affiliate space.

Affiliate marketing last took a blow from Apple’s iPhone update back in 2020 with the launch of iOS 14.5, which set in stone the slow death of third-party cookies, alongside Google’s deprecation of this type of data.

Obviously, the phasing out of third-party cookies is long overdue. There are serious privacy and ethical concerns surrounding them. Consumers dislike them – many prefer to leave a site instead of opt in.

But they were (and still are) a big part of many affiliate programmes. Their imminent disappearance has led to a great deal of restructuring within the affiliate space, as more marketers are seeking out first-party data, and forging new strategies to preserve accurate attribution amidst big browser changes.

Now, while work is already underway to deal with the last update, Apple has announced iOS 17 and it brings more bad news for affiliate marketers.

Or does it?

iOS 17 promises to protect user privacy even more, introducing a range of new security features. The one that may have an impact on affiliate marketing is Link Tracking Protection.

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