Within the past few years, the CTV (Connected TV) space has exploded in popularity across the digital marketing landscape, coming to play a vital role in many performance-driven strategies. But this newfound success has brought with it some less-than-desirable attention from ad fraudsters.

CTV bot fraud grew by 69% in 2022, according to a research report from digital media platform DoubleVerify. This increased alongside CTV content consumption in the UK, which has risen by 252% year-over-year.

It’s a tale as old as time – more money, more problems. eMarketer estimates that the global spend on CTV advertising will reach $24 billion in 2023. This has, of course, attracted bad actors. The number of CTV fraud schemes has tripled since 2020. It’s a reminder to all that the CTV space is not devoid of the kind of fraudulent activity we expect to see in SERPs.

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