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Turning Creativity into Business Value and Growth

Bristows, a top life sciences legal practice, tasked its sales and marketing teams with establishing itself as a thought leader in the sector and acquiring new clients. The campaign exceeded expectations by generating two new clients in the targeted tech sectors – a start-up using AI in radiology and an AI drug discovery company – shortening the sales cycle from 18 to 4 months, and creating 156 warm leads.

This was accomplished through a two-stage campaign that focused on driving event registrations to raise awareness and generating maximum value from the event through a high-value whitepaper. The campaign also ensured standout creative and a seamless customer journey at every touchpoint.

With an industry average customer lifespan of 10 years, the two new clients will become very lucrative for Bristows. The two-stage campaign demonstrated the impact of creativity and customer prioritisation on influencing prospective clients and helped Bristows establish itself as a thought leader in the industry.

Judges Comments

“This was an ingenious and clever strategy to position the law firm as industry thought leaders in the life sciences industry. A cohesive and well put together campaign!”

Deep Dive

Hello Partner: How does it feel to win this award, and what does it mean to you?

Benjamin Tilley, Itineris: Great achievement for the business. It's great to get testament for the work we do.

Hello Partner: How do you think creativity within campaign's encourages business growth and value in the long run?

Benjamin Tilley, Itineris: I think it's everything. If you don't have creativity, no one understands your true value. Creativity is the spark that will make someone believe that your business is worth value.

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