Awin is a global affiliate marketing network that works with advertisers and publishers to grow their businesses through the power of partnerships.

They have established themselves as a Global Influencer Marketing Award-winner, taking home the prize for Best Home and Garden Campaign last year with B&Q.

Representing Awin Global at the ceremony last year, Ellie Davies, Influencer Partnerships Manager, and Jessica Marshall, Influencer Partnerships Executive, were both excited attendees.

They both spoke to Hello Partner, reminiscing on the successful year they’ve had since winning their award. They also reflect on the atmosphere of the night, why they love to attend, and the latest influencer marketing crazes they see taking over the space.

What did it mean to you both to take home the win last year? Take me through that moment you were announced as the winner.

Ellie Davies: It was amazing. It was such a good feeling. The B&Q team were really happy as well! We were actually sending them photos throughout the night and they were loving it. Frankie and Nick, who formed the original partnership with B&Q, we were letting them know as well and sending them lots of congratulations as it was a lot of hard work from the team. It’s amazing to be part of it.

Jessica Marshall: It was a huge win for us. We've spent a lot of time, effort, and energy building the influencer space, so to come back off of this with an award was incredible. There were multiple teams that had helped build this up for us and it was such a huge honor to accept this award on behalf of all those teams and our predecessors. It was a magical moment.

Working in influencer marketing is such an exciting and ever changing experience, so tell us, what are the most interesting influencer or creator marketing trends that you have seen over the last 12 months?

Jessica Marshall: We've seen quite a few interesting trends, but to name one that's really been big on my radar is this ‘always on’ approach, which is a consistent marketing effort that lasts indefinitely. This is towards end to end campaigns and influencer management and we’ve seen a lot of successes with this approach in our own campaigns.

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