New York City-based British advertising, marketing, and public relations agency, Ogilvy, sweeped the Influencer Marketing Awards (IMAs) in 2022.

Ogilvy carried multiple trophies home, including Best Sport and Fitness Campaign, Best Automotive Campaign, and Best Telecoms Campaign.

2022 wasn’t the only year that saw multiple award-wins for the company, having been consistently celebrated at our ceremonies through the years - and that doesn’t look likely to slow down anytime soon, according to Rahul Titus.

As Global Head of Influence at Ogilvy, Rahul has attended his fair share of IMA ceremonies. He sat down with Hello Partner to discuss how it feels to work for an award-winning company, his highlights from previous ceremonies, and the trends catching his eye within the influencer industry.

What did it mean for Ogilvy to take home so many wins at the IMAs last year?

It’s an amazing feeling and a huge achievement. It means a lot to us as the IMAs are at the centre of everything we love in the industry and that's exactly why we enter. There’s so much excitement that comes with it because we think it is the absolute benchmark of the industry.

We are very proud of being the most awarded agency for the last four years, and we look forward to hopefully continuing our winning streak in 2023.

It’s almost a year since you won your awards now, and the influencer marketing space has changed. What are you most excited about coming up to the IMAs this year?

I’m really excited about all the new categories that have been included as well, which is excellent, because it shows how the IMAs are moving forward and keeping up with the pace of the influence marketing industry as a whole. I’m most excited about new categories around B2B, that's a very important category for us. We do a lot of work in that space and that's particularly exciting for us and our clients. We’re also all very excited about categories around e-commerce, again, a space that we do a lot of work in and we know that's quite important to Influencer marketing.

Thirdly, I'm also really hyped about some of the more people-based categories. Like the Best Team Game Changer and Rising Star, because it really allows us to shine a light on the people that are being part of the future of influencer marketing.

What are some of the most interesting influencer or creator marketing trends that you've seen in the last 12 months since the last IMAs?

It's not a trend per se, but it's a real change. I'm seeing influencer marketing really come into its own. It has a seat at the table, which is quite interesting for us to see. Because we are seeing our client’s spend increase quite drastically in the space, and it's really good to see that the industry as a whole is up for the challenge. We’re really helping our clients to push boundaries around what this place could look like. So I'm very excited about the general growth.

As well as that, it’s great to see the potential for excellent creative work in the space as a whole. Obviously there's lots of trends that really shape the future, things like e-commerce, B2B, health influence, etc. I'm really excited to see how influencer marketing as a whole can be.

You attended the ceremony in 2022, what did you most enjoy about the evening?

I've attended all four so far, you know, one of the originals! I love it, it's the one time that the whole influencer marketing industry comes together, the IMAs really help us do that. For me, it's a great opportunity to meet other influencer marketing industry people and network or chat in a setting where we celebrate each other's successes. It's really important to me.

It's a very interesting space to be in and the IMAs lets me celebrate the work across the industry as a whole and I always leave feeling quite reflective, because it gives me an opportunity to see all the wonderful work that's happening in the space. To see the industry celebrate each other's work, it gives me an opportunity to meet some of the leaders in this space which is incredible. I wouldn't miss it for the world.

Most importantly Rahul, are you entering the Influencer Marketing Awards this year?

What do you think? Of course we are! We've got a plan in place. We are absolutely looking forward to keeping our place as the most awarded agency. So, yes, without a doubt. And we're looking at doing it in more markets than ever before, and entering more categories than ever before.

The Global Influencer Marketing Awards is returning for its fifth consecutive year on 20th July 2023, with the Londoner Hotel as its new home. Before the ceremony date flies on by, make sure to keep these essential dates in mind…

  • 21.03.23 – Earlybird Entry Deadline
  • 11.04.23 – Regular Entry Deadline
  • 25.04.23 – Last Chance Entry Deadline
  • 23.06.23 – Shortlist Announced

Download the entry kit now. Hear from more of our winners, and find out how it feels to be a Global Influencer Marketing Award judge from Danielle Goodall.

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