A 10 minute TikTok ad. It sounds like a pretty bad idea for a marketer, doesn’t it? Well, apparently not now, at least since yesterday.

Hotel chain, Hilton, shared a new 10 minute ad to its TikTok account just a day ago, and it’s already sent shockwaves through the creator and marketing communities.

If you’ve opened LinkedIn in the last 24 hours, you may have come across Paris Hilton’s face several times already. It seems as if this ad may have every ingredient to the TikTok recipe for success…

What made it so successful?

A pinch of comedy, a few cups of content creator, a dash of competition - the cooking puns are relevant, because it even had some cooking videos thrown into the mix, too.

As part of its #HiltonForTheStay campaign, Hilton Hotel and Resorts is asking TikTok users to #HiltonStayFor10 minutes and watch their ad. The incentive is for any user who stays the full 10 minutes has the chance to win a share of the 10 million Hilton Honors Points on offer.

The video starts with Paris Hilton, a great way to hook in the Gen Z viewers who are aware of the star and her iconic Y2K brand and persona. And of course she is synonymous with the Hilton brand, it’s her family name after all.

Although Paris alone could draw in huge engagement, the ad also features some of TikTok’s biggest US creators, including Chris Olsen, GirlBossTown and KelzWright.

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