TikTok has today announced the launch of the ‘TikTok Academy’ across Europe. The educational platform will provide a virtual, interactive service designed to upskill brands and agencies of all sizes on how to best utilise TikTok for Business.

Holding its position as the reigning social media platform, TikTok and its brand-new academy is dedicated to helping brands and agencies get the most from the app. Through global and regional collaboration, it will offer a uniform, centralised educational experience around the world, while also addressing regional education priorities.

The training programme is built for the most junior to most senior marketers in both brands and agencies, across all disciplines and areas of focus. The curriculum, aiming to develop digital marketers into TikTok experts, will ensure that their focuses and strengths are positioned on an app that is home to millions of content creators, who are responsible for serving an advertising market that is now worth an estimated $105 billion.

The platform will provide robust learning opportunities to help teams who are already present on the platform, and those who want to explore the exciting realm, to become TikTok-savvy marketers by delivering not just the “how-tos” of TikTok but also the key insights that will enable media and creative excellence on the platform.

Trevor Johnson, Head of Marketing for Global Business Solutions EUI, at TikTok, said, “TikTok Academy is designed to educate marketers through a gamified journey filled with interactive and engaging experiences. It will help marketers at all stages learn how to create compelling content on TikTok that captures the audiences’ attention while driving desired business outcomes.”

Despite TikTok being the hub for sharing the content you want with the opportunity to go viral no matter your follower count, the growth of the creator economy, and TikTok’s prevalence in this developing space means that there are now professional tools you can put in place in order to use the platform to produce marketing content with intent and to drive performance.

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