In a tough economy, marketers want to do whatever they can to ensure real, quantifiable results from their influencer marketing investments. And data has been touted as the answer to that. Cure Media’s Marketing Manager, Holly Morran, and Data Scientist, Bernard Rosencrantz, took to the stage at the Influencer Marketing Show London to discuss how data can:

  • Inform your strategy
  • Guide your influencer selection
  • Direct your optimisation
  • Help you count up your results at the end

After unpacking whether data-driven influencer marketing is a con or not, and taking the conversation away from vanity metrics and basic audience demographics, I sat down with Holly to expand on the conversation.

Speaking on the Pyramid stage at IMS was Holly’s highlight of the day, and gave her the opportunity to engage with her industry peers and share her message to an engaged audience.

I asked Holly whether she feels as though putting too much of a focus on data can actually be detrimental to an influencer marketing campaign. Holly said that we must remember that at its core, the influencer marketing channel is human centric. Building relationships is of utmost importance, and often taking your focus away from the number of followers and clicks can strengthen your relationship with a creator. Use data to discover what is genuinely best for you.

Following this, I asked Holly what she believes the true measurement of success is when it comes to the performance of your influencer marketing campaign. She can’t deny that ultimately, and from a more short term perspective, you want to ensure that you’re making back the money you invested, but it’s also important to look at the long-term pay off.

Enjoy the full interview with Holly to learn what she thinks the biggest influencer marketing trend in 2022 will be…

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