Alice started off working in digital marketing for a charity before moving to Vice Media. During this time, Alice wrote a blog, meaning she was able to embark on a sideline career as an influencer across Instagram and YouTube. She juggled being an influencer with a young family while running her own small digital and creative consultancy that allowed her to work

with clients such as IKEA, 118118, and Thai Leisure Group. Eventually, Alice returned to permanent agency work shortly before the pandemic hit.

Having always adored the influencer marketing industry, Alice is pleased to have been a part of its development - from brands giving Instagram users a couple of hundred pounds to post a grid photo of a product, to the amazing vertical within advertising it is now. She says, “It's brought me so much - not only a solid source of income when I was a single mum with two young kids, but creatively as well; my profile gave me the opportunity to travel with brands, to work across incredible projects, to write and publish a book with Hodder and Stoughton, and to produce a podcast with Etsy.”

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