Fast fashion takes inspiration from celebrities and the catwalk, making styles inexpensive and accessible for many. Prices are low and options are wide. Companies turn to influencers to promote their brand and products, and in return, they can earn a lot.

Influencers are the product of social media, particularly Instagram and YouTube. They hold an enormous amount of influence over their followers. Social media provides a free platform for creative freedom and inspiration, allowing anyone to become an influencer. This builds an organic relationship between influencer and follower, naturally developing trust.

With 17% of people finding the latest trends from online bloggers, many people feel overwhelmed with where to start and feel they lack inspiration. Followers want to be like the person they are watching, they want to wear what they wear and look how they look. So, when an affiliate link takes you straight to the page where you can make your purchase along with a gift-wrapped promotion code that pops up on your screen, it is hard to avoid.

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