Brands that work with Vamp and other members of the TikTok Marketing Programme are able to obtain TikTok creators’ insights in a more automated and scalable way. Marketing partners are able to vet communities of creators, adding them to the TikTok Creator Marketplace, giving brands peace of mind that these creators are not only trusted by and in compliance with marketing partners standards but TikTok’s too.

Brands will also benefit from clear, verified performance metrics and can monitor views, likes, shares, comments, and engagement, to identify high-performing content and accurately measure the campaign’s success. These performance insights also help brands determine which high-performing content pieces should be amplified using TikTok’s Spark Ads – an ad solution that can now be utilised via the Vamp platform.

“TikTok has become a platform impossible for marketers to ignore, but creator discovery and campaign measurement remain two of their biggest opportunities,” said Vamp’s Co-Founder Aaron Brooks.

Melissa Yang, Head of Ecosystem Partnerships at TikTok added, “Creators are the lifeblood of our platform and we’re constantly thinking of new ways to make it easy for them to connect and collaborate with brands,”

‘’We’re thrilled to be integrating with an elite group of trusted partners to help brands discover and work with diverse creators who can share their message in an authentic way.”The creator economy is growing fast and the rapid rise of TikTok creators plays a significant role. More than 50 million people around the world now consider themselves a creator. Platforms such as Vamp support both sides of this economy, giving creators a way to monetise their content and connecting brands with creators they can trust to deliver on their marketing goals.

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