For the switched-on consumer, sharing a rainbow flag or posting a black square on Instagram to show that your company supports minority communities is not enough, and recognition and support of these underrepresented communities is something that should be ingrained in your core principles.

With the conscious consumer regularly turning to social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube to educate themselves and share their stories on experiences with sexuality, gender, and race, these platforms, and the brands using them are putting more focus on celebrating and honoring those who are underrepresented in the ‘mainstream’.

This month, to acknowledge the work that is being done by and on social platforms to elevate the representation of LGBTQIA+ voices, we explore some of the campaigns and projects you should be looking out for and engaging with.

NYX offers the stage to creators for Black Pride

Cosmetics brand, NYX, is well known in the beauty community for piloting the fact that makeup is for anyone who wants to express themselves through the means of art, no matter their gender, sexuality, or race. This is why the brand has teamed up with five content creators who are POC and queer-identifying, in partnership with Stonewall, to spread a message of pride online.

The five creators share content across platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube – using their space on the internet to ​build safe communities to promote conversations around self-identity. The campaign by NYX featuring familiar and engaging role models aims to show consumers who see the campaign on their social media feeds that there are role models and voices out there that represent everyone.


Celebrating LGBTQIA+ History Month, TikTok has introduced its list of trailblazer creators in the community. TikTok says that the LGBTQIA+ community is an intrinsic part of the platform’s global creative community, bringing with them so much talent, authenticity, and joy.

This year in recognition of LGBTQIA+ History Month, TikTok wanted to shine a light on some of the incredible creators from the LGBTQIA+ community who are promoting self-expression, pride, and inspiring creativity, positivity, and unity across the globe daily.

As well as highlighting a list of trailblazers, the platform is launching the ‘TikTok Unpacks’ series collaborating with partners including Stonewall, PinkNews, Gay Times, and Openly News to share content covering queer moments in history and the impact of queer culture and queer figures on the UK today.


YouTube is showing its support to black creators on the platform by introducing the new #YouTubeBlack Voices UK Creator Class of 2022. The list of creators, similar to TikTok’s list of LGBTQIA+ trailblazers, is compiled of inspiring creators who have been chosen to help amplify black perspectives, creativity, and joy on YouTube.

YouTube’s creator fund will support creators and artists in the US, Brazil, Canada, UK, Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa who create content showcasing art, education, entertainment, family content, fashion and beauty, gaming, food, and more.

This is the second class of creators to receive grants from the #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund, a multi-year initiative dedicated to uplifting and growing black creators on the platform.

These campaigns and initiatives show the in-depth work and research done by platforms and brands to ensure that they are not only recognising, but supporting and elevating the voices of LGBTQIA+ and black communities long term, not just during celebratory months. Be sure to check out the creators listed and diversify your social media feeds.

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