With a swanky red carpet and A-list guests, it would be any music lover’s dream to attend the BRITs. This year, as social media took a front seat, influencer and social media content meant that those watching from home were able to tune in to exclusive performances, behind-the-scenes, and interviews taking place at the awards.

As each year passes, high-end events such as the Met Gala, Fashion Week, and now the BRITs, have a greater presence on social media. The teams behind these events are further establishing how well exclusive event coverage is received online, and how following our favourite influencers who are attending makes us feel like we have behind-the-scenes access.

Gen Z at the forefront

Social media personalities-come presenters, Nella Rose, and Munya Chawawa were amongst those sharing livestream coverage of the BRITs on YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook.

YouTube Shorts was the official digital music partner of the event, meaning that viewers at home felt closer to the awards than ever thanks to the #BRITsUnseen campaign. For the social media generation who like to digest short-form video content rather than sitting in front of the television and watching the ceremony from beginning to end, creator coverage meant that the event became more accessible for new audiences.

YouTube partnered with artists and their biggest YouTube creators to capture content en-route to the awards, on the red carpet, backstage, and the day after. Popular UK content creators amongst Gen Z including lookingforlewys and Olivia Grace spent the evening creating a body of Shorts and video content for socials, giving fans a window into the unfiltered – usually unseen – moments of the BRITs.

On the red carpet was Amelia Dimoldenberg, creator of the popular YouTube series ‘Chicken Shop Dates’, who brought her unique brand of interviewing to the BRITs alongside a host of other creators.

Thanks to social media and digestible and entertaining content produced by influencers, consumers are feeling greater connected to the interests that they share with their favourite creators. We will be surprised if social media creators don’t take to the front row seat at more prestigious events throughout this year and beyond.

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