You may have spotted fiancé’s, Caitlin and Leah, on your TikTok For You page sharing feel-good content surrounding their relationship, passions, and interests. The pair didn’t expect to rise to fame on social media, but now, a year in, Caitlin and Leah have over five million TikTok followers, 367,000 Instagram followers, and 142,000 YouTube subscribers who are invested in the couple’s journey. Growing a large following on these social platforms has allowed Caitlin and Leah to make a full-time job out of sharing content.

According to their management agency, Outreach, Caitlin and Leah are leading advocates for LGBTQ+ and mental health. The conversations they share online are raw and important, particularly surrounding their mental health journeys, yet their infectious personalities have helped build an audience of loyal followers who find entertainment and comfort in their content.

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