Looking to democratise fashion trend analysis and support the billion-dollar and growing creator economy, The Edit Advisory announces the launch of Tea Creative, the high fashion trend analysis subscription service exclusively for influencers, YouTubers, bloggers, and other fashion content creators.

The total value of the creator economy is estimated at over $100 billion, according to Forbes Magazine and more than $3 billion is spent on LTK, just one influencer marketing site alone. Hundreds of products are launched each day that support everything from monetisation and scheduling to promotion and production, yet fashion trend analysis is an established industry asset most creators have had little access to.

Krystal De Lisi, President of The Edit Advisory, and Co-founder of Tea Creative says: “As someone who has worked in fashion trend analysis for decades, I can tell you it is a key component in separating highly successful brands in the fashion world from ones that are not. It is integral to figuring out how trends can be interpreted in ways that resonate with an intended audience and bring it to market before anyone else. Democratising fashion trend analysis in a way that fits the specific needs of the content creators is a vital next step for supporting the creator economy.”

The new service, running a monthly subscription model, will take runway inspiration and trend insight and combine them.

“This allows them to streamline their creative process and make better creative decisions by having forecasted trend analysis, runway inspiration, and the knowledge to get ahead of those trends in a way that will have consumers looking to them first,” said Krystal De Lisi.

With shopping apps like LTK evolving to support the creator economy in diversifying their income streams, The Advisory’s trend analysis service allows those creators to diversify their content streams in innovative trend-based ways. By advancing creator tools, fashion influencers will have to spend less time researching compelling content, and more time actually creating it.

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