Jenny founded Wearisma in 2015. She could see that social media was changing and that there were real opportunities to combine data with human creativity in the influencer marketing space. At first, Wearisma was a classic affiliate app that was successful in signing influencers to the platform, but Jenny quickly learned that brands needed an intelligent way to help them connect with influencers, so the influencer-focused Wearisma we know today was launched in 2018.

Before founding Wearisma, Jenny led the international digital strategy for Hearst as the company’s then youngest digital media director. Her remit was to grow and monetise the audience for iconic brands such as ELLE and Cosmopolitan across more than 50 countries outside of the US.

She found a career in media interesting due to the ability to mix data with human interest. From an early age, Jenny studied music but always excelled also in maths, so she has always had a balance of analytical and creative thinking.

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