Twitter subscription feature

After announcing earlier in the year that a new ‘Super Follow’ feature would be coming to Twitter, we can now explore what this may look like. Last week, app researcher Jane Manchun Wong tweeted screenshots of what she says the feature will look like.

The premise of the Super Follows programme is that users will be able to access exclusive and bonus content published just for the eyes of a creator’s Super Followers. Wong’s research also presented that the feature will only be available to Twitter users who are over 18 years old, with at least 10,000 followers, and they must have posted at least 25 tweets within the past 30 days, showing that they are active and engaged on the app.

There are subscription platforms for exclusive content already on the market, such as OnlyFans and Patreon, but with many users already having well established Twitter accounts that they’ve posted on for over a decade, Twitter presents itself as the ideal platform to engage already loyal and well-established followers to explore the Super Follows tool.

Instagram branded content tools

Instagram is really shaking things up in regards to presenting itself as the ideal platform for content creators to get the most from the content they share. With news of Instagram’s native affiliate programme surfacing last week, the app has also announced updates to its branded content tools.

The branded content tools are put in place to further increase transparency, and also to make it easier for brands and creators to manage sponsored content requests and approvals. With more and more users monetising content on Instagram, it is crucial to regularly assess these tools.

The latest branded content tools will enable content creators to tag up to two brands in a single piece of content, allowing for more tie-in promotion – it is also important to note that each brand will be able to see the other before approving any integrated message. The updated tools will also allow creators to share branded content prior to brand approval – the brand’s name will still be on the post but listed as ‘pending response’ only changing to ‘paid partnership’ once the brand has confirmed approval. We can also expect to see the rollout of more insights into the performance of Reels and IGTV.

Clubhouse’s creator first pilot

Since Clubhouse launched in March 2020, the app has been tapping into influencer culture, exploring the different avenues that enable content creators to thrive on the app. The Creator First accelerator programme launched in March this year, supporting up-and-coming creators to launch their shows on Clubhouse. Now, we will see the first group of creators to benefit from this programme as Clubhouse has announced the 50 audio shows that it will be funding.

Clubhouse has said: “The goal is to ensure that the creators themselves enjoy complete control and ownership over their creative output.” Meaning the creators will have creative control of the shows they develop.

The launch of the Clubhouse-funded pilot shows may have come at just the right time, as the hype around Clubhouse seems to have settled. Despite a dip in the buzz that the app initially created, a recent funding round valued the company at $4 billion. It will be interesting to see if the buzz increases with the new shows launching.

As the new features that major platforms have put in place become more established, we would love to know how they are working for you, or how they could improve further. Reach our Journalist, Neve Fear-Smith, on LinkedIn to open the discussion.

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