The world’s largest flower delivery network, Interflora, has launched a Father’s Day campaign which aims to normalise gifting flowers to people of all genders, and not just women.

The flower gifting service discovered that 88% of men have never received flowers and sadly, the first time many receive them is at their own funerals. This is something that Interflora decided needed to change, as flowers can, and should, be gifted to anyone. This campaign aims to change these figures.

How do influencers fit into the campaign?

The initial idea for the campaign was provoked following a viral trend on TikTok in which users are filmed gifting flowers to men for the first time – with the men receiving the gifts reacting pleasantly to their floral surprise.

Interflora has teamed up with influencers including Carl Thompson, Charlotte Taylor, Georgia Horne and Olivia Wayne, in order to push out social media content that encourages more people to gift flowers to their father figures this year. The influencers have shared emotive posts sharing why they will be sending their father’s flowers this year – some of them have even roped in the help of their children to emphasise the excitement and joy that flowers can bring.

As well as the influencer content that has been produced for the campaign, Interflora is encouraging social media users and bouquet enthusiasts to share their own content this Father’s Day. Audiences are being encouraged to create a TikTok video or Instagram Reel with the hashtag #ShareSomethingReal, capturing their dad or father figures’ reaction to receiving flowers.

It’s time to normalise gifting flowers to men, whether it’s Father’s Day or any other day of the year that you want to show someone you appreciate them.

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