Sammy’s time as a content creator allowed him to travel across Europe and the US meeting viewers who were passionately invested in his content, as well as working with huge brands such as Disney and McDonalds. One of Sammy’s proudest achievements, he says, was launching BBC Radio 1's ‘return to comedy’ with their first creator-led podcast.

In 2019, having noticed how many influencer marketing experts were making decisions affecting content creators without direct experience in content creation, Sammy decided to brand out and offer his voice, as a creator, within a digital creative agency - Digital Voices was the perfect fit for him.

In his role as creative strategist at Digital Voices, headed up by Jenny-Quigley Jones, who was a chair at this year's Influencer Marketing Show Global, Sammy’s work is client-facing, speaking to brands and educating them on the immense value of effective creator marketing.

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