The challenge

Influencer marketing used to be characterised by mega social stars hawking products to millions. In its infancy, brand awareness metrics have served as the industry’s main measurement KPI. But the demands of marketers have pushed the need for reporting beyond “brand awareness” estimates, and advertisers need more tangible ROI metrics for their campaigns. In order to measure their programs more granularly, ShopStyle needed to find a predictable way to bind their first-party sales data to the organic performance of high-converting micro-influencers. In order to meet new performance standards, ShopStyle needed to find a way to use their first-party sales data to identify high-converting micro-influencers in a predictable way.

The solution

ShopStyle utilised CreatorIQ’s API plugin to import existing sales data into the platform and build a data-driven CRM. They utilised the Enterprise Creator Cloud’s core CRM platform for secure manipulation of individual creator data. CreatorIQ married their proprietary data with ShopStyle’s first-party purchase data, uncovering high-converting influencers. With new streamlined automated workflows, ShopStyle is better able to measure and activate creators based on real ROI metrics.

“We’ve seen an inverse relationship between follower count and the propensity to move product, that now we just focus on micro-influencers. The other thing that we look for is if an influencer is savvy in terms of their digital marketing strategy,” said Aleksandra Chojnacka, Senior Director, Global Partnerships and Merchant Marketing at ShopStyle.

The results

CreatorIQ improved operational efficiency by 40% by marrying proprietary data with ShopStyle’s first-party sales data.  aIn addition, they saw a 16% increase in sales for clients and 300% ROI delivered for multi-brand retailers. ShopStyle is now empowered to confidently connect brands with high-converting influencers in a predictable way.

CreatorIQ helps manage ShopStyle’s vast micro-influencer network by serving as a data-backed CRM.


CreatorIQ’s powerful enterprise solutions and flexible integrations provide ShopStyle with a key competitive advantage to mitigate the risk of expensive influencer marketing campaigns for major brands. CreatorIQ empowers ShopStyle to make data-driven decisions, and help identify high-converting influencers with confidence.

CreatorIQ was crowned a Gold winner at this year’s virtual Influencer Marketing Awards. See more award-winning case studies here.

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