Word is out that this month, creators will be able to create and sell merchandise to fans via Teespring directly from the TikTok app.

The new partnership with creator commerce platform Teespring allows creators to include links to their Teespring products in their videos.

Creators will be able to create and design “from a choice of 180 different products as well as the opportunity to create bespoke products which are completely unique to them,” according to a press release. Although creators link to personal merchandise stores in their TikTok bios, the new Teespring integration will offer an official and more streamlined tool.

The company is currently beta testing the integration with a number of creators before rolling it out in September.

Creators that wish to get the integration will have to meet eligibility criteria around the number of followers they have and the content they publish. The team is still working out how the shopping experience will appear on the app. It isn’t known yet if the two companies will make commissions on sales made through the integration.

The company has launched several initiatives to help its creators monetise their influence, including a $1 billion TikTok Creator Fund that it will allocate to users for their businesses over the next three years. TikTok creators also have the option to run live streams, which can bring revenue to creators over the age of 18, and partner with brands on paid campaigns via the TikTok Creator Marketplace.

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