Facebook is testing a new toolkit to help gaming creators and moderators build more inclusive communities online and easily set guidelines for positive conversations in their individual community.To establish the rules and guidelines for creators, Facebook worked with the Fair Play Alliance, a coalition of game companies encouraging healthy communities in online gaming, and partnered directly with their executive steering committee.With the new toolkit, that brings preset rules and makes chat rules more visible, creators and moderators will still be able to remove comments, mute viewers for a short period of time or ban people from their Page or stream. As a result, Facebook hopes the rules will promote inclusion and respect to help people feel safe sharing their voice. 

The four features the toolkit offers

To use the toolkit rules, there will be a special Chat Rules button in the streamer dashboard. The toolkit offers four new features. The first allows creators to select from a list of gaming-specific rules for their community before they go live. When fans want to leave a comment in the chat, they need to first accept the rules that have been set. Comment removals will happen in real-time, as soon as a comment is removed or the user who wrote it is banned. Facebook is hoping to bring more transparency to enable creators to “educate their audience and inform well-intentioned fans who may have inadvertently broken a rule” by allowing moderators to select which rules were violated and let fans know why their content was removed. Moderators will also be able to access a new moderation dashboard with resources to prevent harassment, protect their privacy, and help ensure creators feel safe. Facebook is testing the rules with a small group of creators and will roll them out globally in the coming months. It will expand and update the rules based on feedback from creators and the way the gaming community conversations evolve. 
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