Self-serve influencer marketplace Tribe has announced its launch into the US in addition £5.7 million Series A funding from multiple investors from across the globe, including Gresham House Ventures. Tribe’s US headquarters will be at One World Trade Center in Manhattan and the company’s CEO, Anthony Svirskis, will head up the office. With offices in London, Sydney, Melbourne, and Manilla already, launching in the US was the next logical step for the company.

“We feel as though we’ve been pulled into the US. When we looked at our data we saw 25% of our influencers and 20% of our brands were coming from the US without us having a market presence there. We’re excited about the opportunities ahead, and will be replicating the successful market entry blueprint we developed when we rolled out into the UK two years ago,”

said Anthony Svirskis, CEO of Tribe.The new funding will be used to continue making improvements to Content Campaigns that launched earlier this year and support the company’s growth.“We’ve seen a number of businesses in our portfolio benefit from the value of influencers and user-generated content,” said Steve Cordiner, head of unquoted investment at Gresham House Ventures. “When we assessed the influencer market, Tribe’s marketplace model truly stood out as both unique and scalable. They’ve also proven how portable it is through their successful expansion into the UK market, which will continue to grow alongside the enormous opportunity of taking their model to the US.”

Content Campaigns

Tribe’s ability to produce bespoke content on demand is quickly being favoured as a replacement to the traditional stock library model. Tribe’s Content Campaigns presents branded images and videos created by influencers and delivered to clients. Brands upload a brief on the platform and can receive pieces of original content from creators. Once the content is approved, creators will publish the content on their social channels, or alternatively, brands can license the rights to the content for their own use. “We believe that if influencers don’t already own a product, or are not willing to purchase it, they have no right recommending their tribe of followers should. That authenticity coupled with the content upfront model delivers campaigns faster than all others in the industry, and it has really resonated with the thousands of brands and agencies we work with,” continued Svirskis. 

As the influencer marketing space continues to professionalise, we hope that Tribe will be one of many that receive Series A funding for the technology and hard work they are putting into making this industry more authentic and streamlined this year.
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